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The Alternative Way for Hard Drive Replacement

When you have to build computers from scratch and spending hours to install the operating system and all your favorite applications, wasting a lot of time, and sometimes causing you trouble, then after reading this article, you may no longer feel that ‘bad’ situation because it is a good practice to create an image from your hard drive before you start using it.

GHOST (General Hardware-Oriented System Transfer) works well when you need to clean your PC from viruses. If you find something wrong with the operating system, you only need to restore the image using a bootable CD Symantec. But the problem will come when it is confronted on a netbook, because netbook is not equipped with a built-in CD-ROM drive to boot the PC. So that an external hard drive is the only way when you just want to boot up Symantec Ghost with all the abilities. (more…)