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Empire Magazine's 100 Sexiest Stars

December 8th 2007 02:07
Empire Magazine's 100 Sexiest Stars
Image courtesy of Google

Well, I thought my list days were over, but they’re not. I have one more to share with you and I promise that is it, my list-making days are finished.

The highly revered Empire Magazine has just released its 100 Sexiest Movie Stars countdown. I thought it seemed logical to write about it as my last post, Total Film’s Top 50 Villains was bordering on the Hottest Star List, for me and others anyway (hello Ash).

There are some interesting and unexpected people in there; I wasn’t expecting people to have such strong memories and include classic actors, such as Brigitte Bardot, James Dean, Catherine Deneuve, and Lauren Bacall. This is one of the things I like about looking at such compilations, seeing who other people remember and admire.

Some of the actors may not be so well-known to us here in Australia, as Empire is an English magazine, but I think we're all familiar with the person at number one...

As always, feel free to comment, moan, add to the list or just salivate. As I wrote, I couldn’t resist making some comments (of course):

100 Mary Elizabeth Winstead
99 Chris Evans
98 Brigitte Bardot (definitely)
97 Thandie Newton
96 Lucy Liu
95 James Dean
94 Isla Fisher (hello Aussie)
93 Zac Efron
92 Catherine Deneuve
91 Jamie Foxx
90 Elizabeth Taylor
89 Clint Eastwood
88 Sienna Miller
87 Warren Beatty
86 Jane Fonda
85 Al Pacino
84 Katherine Heigl
83 Alan Rickman (yep, I like him).
82 Susan Sarandon
81 Tom Cruise (I have to say urghh)
80 Sarah Michelle Gellar
79 Heath Ledger (good to see him)
78 Sofia Loren
77 Richard Gere (yeppie)
76 Uma Thurman
75 Ryan Gosling
74 Sigourney Weaver
73 Javier Bardem
72 Gary Oldman (most definitely)
71 Lauren Bacall
70 John Cusack
69 Viggo Mortensen (oh yes)
68 Rachel McAdams
67 Ryan Reynolds
66 Sandra Bullock
65 Gael Garcia Bernal (oh yes again)
64 Eva Mendes (I thought she would be further down the list)
63 Reese Witherspoon
62 Audrey Tautou (I guess it’s those expressive,French eyes)
61 Eric Bana (gosh, I can’t see this one).
60 Liv Tyler
59 Rita Hayworth
58 Will Smith
57 Julia Roberts
56 Megan Fox
55 Jason Statham
54 Jennifer Connelly
53 Robert Redford
52 Jennifer Aniston (I assumed she would be in here somewhere)
51 Clark Gable
50 Penelope Cruz
49 Sean Connery
48 Cary Grant
47 Cameron Diaz
46 Harrison Ford
45 Catherine Zeta-Jones (Being half-Welsh she gets my vote)
44 Bruce Willis (hmmm, not for me)
43 Rosario Dawson
42 Steve McQueen
41 Nicole Kidman (am I the only one who thinks she’s looking more and more peculiar these days?)
40 Ewan McGregor (yeppie)
39 Grace Kelly
38 Denzel Washington
37 Rachel Weisz
36 Leonardo DiCaprio
35 Monica Belluccci
34 Russell Crowe (no, thank-you)
33 Michelle Pfeiffer
32 Jake Gyllenhaal (ooh yes...)
31 Cate Blanchett
30 Marlon Brando
29 Charlize Theron
28 Keanu Reeves
27 James McAvoy
26 Emma Watson
25 Clive Owen
24 Salma Hayek
23 Daniel Radcliffe
22 Kate Beckinsale
21 Orlando Bloom (not bad in an obvious kind of way)
20 Kate Winslet
19 Paul Newman
18 Anne Hathaway
17 Matt Damon
16 Jessica Biel
15 Hugh Jackman
14 Marilyn Monroe
13 Christian Bale (yes please)
12 Halle Berry
11 George Clooney
10 Gerard Butler
9 Keira Knightley (OK, she really gets on my nerves, why is she in here?)
8 Scarlett Johansson
7 Brad Pitt (oh yes please).
6 Eva Green
5 Johnny Depp (phwoarr)
4 Jessica Alba (gosh, what about her acting ability?)
3 Daniel Craig (yeppie)
2 Natalie Portman
1 Angelina Jolie

If you feel like having a say or knowing more, jump onto their website and lodge a vote: Really Long Link

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57 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by Michaelie

December 8th 2007 02:19

OK, I don't agree with Angelina number one, or Alba. And Daniel Craig shouldn't be quite so high. YES to Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet NO to Biel and Hathaway - she is so not sexy.

Generally I agree with all your little comments Tracy!

Love the pic


Comment by Tracy

December 8th 2007 02:35
Hi Michaelie

I'm glad you enjoyed the list, I liked it too.

I agree that Daniel Craig shouldn't be so high although I think he is pretty hot. I think he should be about number 20.

I would be happy with Jake G or Johnny D being number one...and yes, I love the pic too....phwoarrh..

Thanks for your comments as always,


Comment by katyzzz

December 8th 2007 02:51
I'll have Paul Newman, Sean Connery and maybe Richard Gere, but they are all role playing, I don't know whether they could deliver the goods, sex takes place between the ears, for gals anyway.

Comment by Mountain Fog

December 8th 2007 04:39
MEN: (goes first as we share this in common!)

Johnny Depp....WOOF!! and WOOF!! WOOF!! WOOF!! ....gasp!

Orlando Bloom WOOF...but...looks like a real pain to get along with, especially from what I heard about his attitude in Nooo Zeeelund while filming "Lord of the Rings"! But, for a quickie...yeaaaahHHH baby!

Hugh Jackman...not bad at all, definitely groovy baby!

Jake Gyllenhaal....WOOF WOOF!!!

Denzel Washington...PANT PANT DE-PANT PANTHER!!

Cary a sense of humour...adn he batted for my team...sigh

Will Smith...YEAH BABY...cute..tall...dark...ha ndsome...big ears to hang on to..big..

Heath water sports with water pistols I mean! But WOOF!

James Dean...known as the "human ashtray" in the book Hollywood Babylon! But WOOF! and he batted for my team...but a sub-section that I am not really into...!


Marylin Monroe...FABULOUS...andfunny!

Rita Hayworth...FABULOUS

Kate Winslet not bad!

Salma Hayek..GORGEOUS!! Loved that monobrow in the artist movie!

Halle Berry...GODDAMMM HOT!!!

Cameron Diaz ...grooovy baby!

Audrey Tautou FABULOUS! LOVED her in Amélie...God I loved that movie!

Jane Fonda..BARBARELLA!! GO GIRL!! and for having the guts to try and find out the other side of the story in Vietnam...history has now proved it was another trumped up war.

Marlene Diedrich...c'mon...she was a super star for her looks...and a bit of acting, broke her leg falling off a stage in Oz!

Julia Roberts...because she looks like she would be a fun friend and she did the Erin Brockovich movie...go gurrrl!!

Ingrid Berman...What would Casablanca have been without her? Or For Whom the Bell Tolls!
She had grace, poise, character and integrity, and it all shone through to the skin, all the way from her heart!



P.S. I looks like, all the men are just sex objects and the women have so much more to admire about them, in my list.
However, which woman among you would disagree me?

Comment by Holly Go Lightly

December 8th 2007 08:24
OOOOOOOOOOOOOO,,,,most of those Young men would do, but I don't fancy girls myself.

Comment by Techno

December 8th 2007 09:13
Yep, any of those chics will do me. Well, all of those under 30, anyway. Don't fancy the others. Way to go, babe.

Comment by Patricia Graff

December 8th 2007 19:07
81 Tom Cruise (I have to say urghh)

Me too..I don't like him, personality-wise or looks-wise.

I so agree with Paul Newman! I love him.

George Clooney: Yes

I thought Jennifer Connely should be closer to the top - she's great. I really like her.

Jessica Biel shouldn't be so close to the top. She's pretty, but not sexy.

I like Angelina, but she's so overexposed at this point.

Comment by Tracy

December 8th 2007 22:46
That’s true, katyzzz. Sex appeal isn’t all in the looks, it involves other things too.

Thanks for popping in,


Comment by Tracy

December 8th 2007 22:51
Hello fog

It looks like you put a lot of thought into your answer and we have a few in common:

Johnny D
Jake G
Heath L
James D

I like the women you’ve chosen too, especially Ingrid Bergman and Jane Fonda. Ingrid certainly had a lot more than just sex appeal and I loved Barbarella too. The other women on the list that I admire are:

Brigitte Bardot
Sofia Loren
Uma Thurman
Cate Blanchett
Kate Winslett
Natalie Portman

Angelina Jolie is alright, but she's everywhere at the moment which puts me off choosing her (I can be so contrary).

Thanks for commenting,


Comment by Tracy

December 8th 2007 22:56
Hi Holly

That's good you're happy with the male counterparts of the list.

Thanks for popping in,


Comment by Tracy

December 8th 2007 23:05
Hi Techno

Glad you're happy with the females on the list. I can see why, there's a few saucy ones in there.


Comment by Tracy

December 8th 2007 23:10
Hello Patricia

I agree with what you said about Angelina, she is a good actor, is interesting and has some depth, but she’s everywhere which I find off-putting.

I also agree with you about Jessica Biel, she’s just OK.

I’m glad I have some company with my disdain for Tom Cruise. Like you said, it’s his personality and looks that don’t appeal to me, but I would say his personality is the strongest part I don’t like. Both Paul Newman and Jennifer Connelly are good actors, yeppie.

Thanks for your comments,


Comment by Mountain Fog

December 9th 2007 01:51
Who could forget dear Audrey???
And her work for the UN was wonderful, she had it all;


Audrey was all L I T UP!!

Comment by Tracy

December 9th 2007 02:09
Hi fog

You're right, what a travesty...why isn't she in there?!

LIT describes her perfectly,


Comment by tlcorbin

December 9th 2007 16:55
Audrey Hepburn wasn't on the list? Well, the magazine can stay on the shelf until it sees the error of it's ways Tracy, and why would we want an anorexic poster child in the number one spot? Not this curve appreciating rascal. Raven

Comment by Tracy

December 9th 2007 20:44
That's quite an apt description, Raven. Yes, I don't understand where Hepgurn is either, they have many other classic actors like Sofia Loren and Brigitte Bardot, it doesn't make sense really.


Comment by JoH

December 9th 2007 21:42

Isla Fisher!!! In the top 100?? PLEASE!

She wouldn't even make the top 1000 in my opinion.

(She brings out the rage in me - dunno why?!)

Comment by Mr Nice Guy

December 9th 2007 22:18
Hey Tracy

Sandra Bullock just exudes that girl next door, I don't have to try too hard sex appeal - that makes her the kind of person you could genuinely believe is just plain normal - huh!

Now as for the superficial choices (and the older she gets - the more personable she becomes) - put me down for Christina Applegate as a bolter.



Comment by Tracy

December 10th 2007 08:54
Hi JoH

Yes, I was perplexed by her presence too. All she’s really done is The Wedding Crashers and put up with Borat. That doesn’t really make her worthy of a spot in this list if you ask me.

Nice to see you,


Comment by Tracy

December 10th 2007 20:14

Yes, Sandra Bullock does ooze a subtle sex appeal without seeming as though she has to try too hard.

Christina Applegate, interesting choice, I had forgotten about her.

Byee, thanks for your comments,


Comment by Lara M

December 14th 2007 04:54
What a list! My absolute fav though is...Clooney

Comment by Tracy

December 14th 2007 06:26
Ah yes, I do like looking at Mr Clooney, plus he's a good actor.

Comment by postmoderncritic

April 1st 2008 05:09
I'm happy that Viggo is there, but he would probably be #1 on my list. Jake G is distractingly delicious-looking, and I find Scarlett very sexy too. Yay to George Clooney, Charlize Theron, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. I would have liked to see Eliza Dushku up there.
Thanks for the list!

Comment by Tracy

April 1st 2008 08:23
Hello PM

It sounds like it's a very pleasing list for you! I would be happy to have a chin-wag with Jake, such a delectable-looking man.

Glad you enjoyed it!


Comment by postmoderncritic

April 1st 2008 09:34
Haha, I hadn't heard of 'a chin-wag' before - nice mental images!

Comment by Tracy

April 1st 2008 09:38
I guess it does have! It's one of my usual terms that makes me sound like an old fart! He he..

Comment by Anonymous

May 11th 2008 03:35
If this is sexiest of all time, Where the heck is Kathleen Turner? She was the sexiest women in the 80's and early 90's. Does Maddie Walker ring a bell? Hell, she is sexier than Susan Surandon. Who came up with this list?

Comment by Anonymous

May 17th 2008 22:43
wow. how dare them not put Marilyn at number one?? she is so much prettier than angelina. wow.

Comment by Anonymous

June 12th 2008 09:56
i likes the list but thought johnny depp should have been #1

Comment by miami heat

August 1st 2008 18:34
of course is my angelina jolie, she is born to be sexy, hot and intelligent too !!! Eva should be at the front list, while Jessica Biel foes further behid. This Biel chic not so attractive or gorgeous

Comment by Anonymous

August 6th 2008 17:08
I can't believe they left out Joaquin Phoenix, the man is smokin!!

Comment by Anonymous

August 6th 2008 17:20
Eric Bana is totally hot!! have you not see Troy??
I'm so glad Clark Gable is on there too, he's the original man's man.....but Orlando Bloom? Ewan McGregor?Thandie Newton? ah no...

Comment by Anonymous

October 17th 2008 20:31
Kate Beckinsale and Halle Berry should be the top two among the women if we're talking about beauty and sexiness. Angelina Jolie is too skinny with 10 pound collagen enhanced lips.Jessica Alba's face ruins her entire package. Biel, great from the neck down but merely okay from the neck up. Keira Knightley, are you kidding me? She's an anorexic. Eva Green? LOL, get the phuck outta her. She's also skin and bones. Her boobs weigh more than her entire body. Anne Hathaway is way too plan and Kate Winslet too chunky.

Try and improve your taste in women Empire, and next time get someone who knows what the order should be.

Comment by Anonymous

October 23rd 2008 22:44
Where the hell is Leonardo DiCarpio? Jude Law? They're much sexier than Tom Cruise. And Thandie Newton looks a hot mess. Angie is in no way prettier than Halle Berry. Not right at all.

Comment by Anonymous

November 12th 2008 01:08
Angelina Jolie should be no where near number 1, she is to thin and her face is not at all attractive

people need to realize this and start putting the stars who are actual attractive at number 1 before her

sorry to any fans out there but most of the other ladies on this list should be at number 1

and i also agree the audrey hepburn should be on this list near number 1, never looked over done always natural in all movies and posters

Comment by Anonymous

February 18th 2009 23:15
I love the list! It was awesome! But for me my favourite is Gerad Butler. He is so gorgeous, it's ridiculous! ^_^

Comment by Anonymous

March 2nd 2009 21:40
huh... where's James Franco???

Comment by Anonymous

March 20th 2009 22:50
Gerard Butler is the best in my opinion, but he did make the top 10! Yay!

Comment by Anonymous

May 27th 2009 23:49
Why isn't Maureen O'Hara on there?

Comment by Demilovesryanreynolds

July 13th 2009 17:50
Ryan reynolds and heath leger!!! mmmmmm sexxayy!!

Comment by Anonymous

August 15th 2009 16:39
Where is Jennifer Lopez???????? How could they forget one of the sexiest women alive, one of the most stylish actresses ever!

Comment by Anonymous

October 11th 2009 03:41
dicaprio should be first hes like the hottest guy in the whole entire world

Comment by Anonymous

October 11th 2009 03:41
dicaprio should be first hes like the hottest guy in the whole entire world

Comment by Anonymous

November 7th 2009 23:56
Two that should be on the list.

Louise Brooks

Udo Kier

Comment by Anonymous

December 13th 2009 14:12
Where's Richard Gere and Antonio Banderas????

Comment by Anonymous

December 29th 2009 14:32
Wheres Jane Fonda? And it seems that a lot of these people are not sexy, just have been acting in the past 15 years (i.e. Audrey Tautou????)...Jolie is rather sexy though

Comment by Anonymous

February 16th 2010 04:58
Tom Cruise # 81?? Ridiculous. Tom Cruise, in his prime, was the most ridiculously gorgeous man on this planet. It makes me vomit uncontrollably to see Brad Pitt and the likes, ahead of these classy, handsome actors. AWFUL LIST.

Comment by Marjorie

March 13th 2010 08:13
tooooootally agree w/ you about Nicole!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't what's in her head she was sooo gorgeous at Moulin Rouge, for example!! :/

Comment by Anonymous

December 26th 2010 16:36
Steve McQueen SHOULD be number one... He's the sexiest man who ever existed in this planet in my opinion...!

Comment by Anonymous

March 11th 2011 18:25
Where the f*** is VAL KILMER?!?!

Comment by Anonymous

March 17th 2011 16:29
love angelina, but of ALL TIME? Elizabeth Taylor is #1 people come on!

Comment by Anonymous

May 15th 2011 06:13
Where's Monty Clift on this list? Also, how is Keanu Reeves ahead of so many?

Comment by Anonymous

June 22nd 2011 07:01
um so...

kate beckinsale is the most beautiful women in the world definately top 5. Jolie is old and looks like an alien dropped to 20s. Daniel craig is ugly as shit and is not james bond take him off the list. Alba is generally considered the most beautiful woman in history by averaging her place in most mens top 5 and should be # 1. Shes also a good actress much better than that hack merill streep who some how is #1 in top actress in the world list wtf? Clooney is ugly drop him off the list. knightly is in a good place.

Comment by maxmox15

September 4th 2011 03:30
What about Ann-Margret and Angie Dickinson? Where is Annette Funicello?

Comment by Anonymous

September 25th 2011 04:42
Dude why the heck is Alan Rickman so high up he should like totally be in the top five AT LEAST ??!!!!!Your text goes here

Comment by Anonymous

April 9th 2012 05:11
Um horrible list. Kate beckinsale is number 1. Look at your top 10.

10 Gerard Butler - ugly as hell
9 Keira Knightley She's hot but should be closer to 15 or 20
8 Scarlett Johansson - plain top 30 maybe
7 Brad Pitt - uh no hes ugly. He has no facial features just a huge jaw.
6 Eva Green - maybe top 50 ashley green is hotter
5 Johnny Depp - yes
4 Jessica Alba - should be #2 or 3
3 Daniel Craig - ugly as hell should not be in the top 10000
2 Natalie Portman - Top 10 yes #2 no
1 Angelina Jolie - Ok body/face nothing great. Home wrecker and now shes anorexic.

Seriously you have jennifer aniston, sandra bullock, julia roberts, emma watson, rachael mcadams, katherine heigly way way to high. These are all some of the most beautiful women in the world and you have them over 50. They should all be in the top 20 with most of them falling in the top 10.

Comment by Anonymous

May 16th 2012 19:26
how the HELL is james dean 95?? i swear to all that is good and mighty on this earth, people do not know what sexy is. he was beautiful, tragic, and an incredible actor. i literally cannot believe that even zac efron who has little to no serious acting ability and who is only slightly attractive ranked higher than james dean, one of the sexiest stars of classic hollywood. and marlon brando at 30?? has no one seen 'a streetcar named desire'
i am in my early teens and i cant even fathom how this list was compiled.

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